Trash Pickup

Picking up trash

Every time Vericlean Services visits, all trash and recyclables are emptied and taken to the proper disposal area. Also, the garbage can liner is replaced as needed, and the appearance is neat and clean. The next day it will not leave a dirty liner with gum or spilled coffee on it. If they are dirty, damp, or appear worn, they will be replaced.
We even have a special way of training our team to tie trash can liners so they look neat and won’t slip into the trash can when the trash is inserted. Our customers love the special attention to detail we provide every day!
But garbage removal does not just end with sending the garbage to the trash can.​​​​ We also make sure that your trash can or garbage area is clean and tidy every night. You will never find piles of rubbish outside the trash can or in the wrong area. Each team member has received training on how to properly dispose of waste in your facility.
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