Breakroom Cleaning

For any business or home, the breakroom is much more than a place to gather and relax. The breakroom is without doubt one of the most frequently used rooms in an office environment. Whether it’s a bathroom in your home or an actual break room, cleanliness ensures good health and helps prevent unnecessary costs down the line in repairs and replacements because of build-up.

In this area, it is where employees meet to prepare their coffee or have their lunch o prepare food. Therefore, it requires a specific level of hygiene to keep it a safe and pleasant place within the office.

Your breakroom should be included in your janitorial services program so that the cleaning of the sink, the microwave, and other devices and furniture is applied daily.

This service can include:

  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces
  • Deep cleaning of refrigerator and freezer and microwave
  • Clean the sink and under-sink area
  • Wipe down cabinets and drawers
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Clean and wipe tables and chairs
  • Empty trash
  • Clean Water Cooler


Service frequencies are customized to fit your cleaning and sanitation goals.

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