Carpet Cleaning

A carpet that has not been well maintained will start to emit pollutants into the air causing the air quality to become poor irritating allergies and exposing family and friends to the dangers of bacteria and germs that cause a multitude of different illnesses.

Not to mention the nasty food stains, grease, wine, or those “accidents” of our pets, which are ruining the look, smell, and health of our rug.

There is a multitude of different cleaning methods available today.

The advantage of using the dry extraction method over steam cleaning is that it takes very little time to dry, which makes it convenient for an average day in a house, business, or school. Activity can take place in the cleaned area is usually less than an hour. Another advantage is that the yellowing of light-colored carpets is highly unusual because of the very low chance of over-wetting the area.

VeriClean Services also uses steam cleaning as a cleaning process. Although some may believe that steam cleaning can promote mold and mildew we know that the most thorough DEEP cleaning method is hot water extraction “STEAM”. Our process uses an emulsifier to loosen the dirt, heat, and pressure to clean and sterilize and vacuum to extract the dirt and pollutants for the carpet. Unlike traditional steam methods, we use a patented tool that not only cleans deeper but extracts more thoroughly to provide a carpet that will look, smell and be cleaner.

Carpet protection is also available and recommended to protect your carpet against stains.

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